Jumping into 2020!

Happy New Year!

Hello all! If you're following Red Lips Productions, you'll know we had big years of growth in 2018 and 2019.

If you're not following us, you should look us up on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram (@redlipsproductions)

2020 is slated to be a big year, and this post is to tell y'all what's going on, and our goals for the new year!


Oh, look . . . we don't have a board of advisors . . . yet

RLP strives to be an international company that connects artists around the globe. We are connecting with artists who want to contribute their expertise and experience to our blog. We will also be posting calls for a board of advisors soon, with the goal being a crew of people around the world who have a passion for the arts. We will connect online, so geographical location doesn't matter. Want to have an opinion on where RLP is going? You should join the board!


So many stories . . . so little time

As with the last couple years, we have been delighted to release new content. We are looking to release our first animated series this year called 24/8. Stay tuned for more details on that project! Further, we are looking to experiment with theatre, connecting with software developers to bring the experience to a digital stage. If you like to be one of the first to experience new things, you should definitely get in line to buy tickets! (or rather, login to get tickets!)


RLP is publishing content developed and produced in previous years. We are also looking to produce new content, including stage plays, anthologies, and novels. In 2020, we will also be releasing calls for authors and playwrights who want their work published under RLP. Very exciting work!

So, stay tuned for more details, and Happy New Year!


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