Let's Get This Party Started!

Updated: Dec 31, 2019

Today marks the official launch of Red Lips Productions's website and blog.

After its creation in June 2018, Red Lips Productions has been busy producing short films and theatre shows.

Now, to take this to the next step, we are creating this blog! Check out our post below:

Do you have an idea for a blog submission regarding one of the following topics?

1) Writing, film making, directing, creating, etc. (otherwise known as "art")

2) The artistic process, and how-to instructions.

3) Reflections and lessons learned on past projects, especially in association with Red Lips Productions?

Blog posts should be submitted in PDF or Word Format to msterdan@redlips-productions.com

If accepted, bloggers will be paid $20CAD through Paypal

Blog uploading is semi-exclusive. Blog can be simultaneously uploaded to personal sites, but Red Lips Productions must be only site publishing.

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