That's a Wrap on Saturday Morning Club!

Updated: Dec 31, 2019

by Makrenna Rose Sterdan

As of last month, Saturday Morning Club officially released all episodes. The premise for Saturday Morning Club is simple: several teachers must meet on the weekends to discuss their latest mistake.

There’s some bittersweetness to finishing this series.

It was officially the first web series I ever produced. How can the filming, editing, releases, and everything else be completed already? It’s just over a year since the filming for the series began.

And now it’s over.

Here are some reflections after finishing this series once and for all.

1) Doing the project is its own reward. Some of my favourite weekends in South Korea were spent going to the school and filming. I would pick up a Red Bull (or two . . . or three), and be first at the school. Pulling out the suitcase with equipment from the back room, I would set up the soft boxes I was using then for filming and start setting up. The act of filming, of organising, of getting this done was reward enough for doing it.

2) What you do becomes an integral part of your life. Filming Saturday Morning Club spanned six months. We would film four episodes over one weekend (three episodes the first weekend). It felt like once the filming was over for one weekend, the pre-production for the next weekend would start. And, truthfully, that was the case. Producing Saturday Morning Club became a matter of fact in my life. It even got to the point where writing episodes became less about “inspiration” and more just a matter of fact. There were some producing weeks where I was so pressed for time, I would pump out four episodes in a few hours. And you know what? That was when I started feeling writing and producing as a skill that was learned, and less like an art.

3) It’s not really over. Saturday Morning Club is on YouTube still, and there’s still chances for people to watch it. With this new blog and this new Instagram, and basically everything, now it’s time to continue promoting it. A project doesn’t end because the airing is finished, it just means it’s hit the next step.

So, there you have it! There are some reflections of doing Saturday Morning Club, the flagship web series of Red Lips Productions.

Make sure to watch Saturday Morning Club here!

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Makrenna Rose Sterdan

Owner, Red Lips Productions

Makrenna is a producer and writer from Winnipeg, Manitoba. She started Red Lips Productions in the summer of 2018, and has been producing several shorts and web series since. Her main passion is writing, but she also produces and directs when the opportunity arises.

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