Top Christmas Shows

by Alysha Blaze

Today's post in the spirit of all the festivities is about my personal recommendations for Christmas specials that touched my cold, shriveled heart and made it grow three sizes. I have many favorite holiday movies, but who has the time for that? A Christmas episode from a TV special or a short 30 minute film is far more manageable to fit into one's schedule, though I hope we all find time for a movie or two this season if not an all out binge (I'm currently mid binge in Soul Eater so time constraints). I will be saying WHY I like these episodes/shorts so spoilers are ahead. I present to you, my personal favorite Christmas specials:

1: Reba Season 2 Episode 10 "Cookies For Santa" This was my freaking SHOW in my early teen years. I'd literally walk home from school, and have just enough time to make a bowl of popcorn before settling in to watch two episodes of Reba. I didn't care if it was a re-run, I just loved this show. I still have the whole series on DVD. This particular episode has the whole family deciding to do different things, leaving poor Reba to Christmas alone. She decides to volunteer at a homeless shelter as her nest is suddenly empty. Of course, her family members quickly realize the true meaning of Christmas when everybody starts to miss Mom and runs right back on home. It's just heartwarming, with the usual sass and funny you come to know in this show.

2: Supernatural Season 3 Episode 8 "A Very Supernatural Christmas" Most people are aware of this show, but it just HAD to make this list. This is perfect for those of you who are not in the mood for the traditional goopy Christmas shows and want a little blood and gore. Supernatural always has plenty of this to provide. It also has a funny candid moment where Sam asks Dean if the egg nog he made him needs more kick. In reality, the actor for Sam Jared Padalecki spiked the drink, and it appears they used the actor's reaction to that one as it certainly had kick and according to the actors at a convention panel where they cofirmed it. It has a nice ending that gives you Christmasy good feels without all the mush usually found in Christmas films.

3: The Big Bang Theory - Season 2 Episode 11 "The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis" Another classic as it has a good story about a Scrooge/Grinch in Sheldon, the neurotic character who is trying to prepare for whatever cost level his gift from Penny will be. He ends up getting a gift that makes his jaw hit the floor and is so touched he breaks his no touch rule and hugs Penny. As Leonard put it, it was a Christmas miracle. It's a good episode for those who are looking for laughs and understand the nerdy references being made.

4: Merry Christmas Mr. Bean - Episode 7 This is one I try to find time to watch every year. Mr. Bean is a classic British comedy that stands the test of time in my opinion. It does have a slight sad note as his lady friend hoping for a proposal leaves heartbroken and disappointed, but he doesn't appear to let it get him down. It's obvious throughout the episode he was seeing this woman as more of a bud, so it's not unexpected. Ends on a solid funny note!

5: The Madagascar Penguins in A Christmas Caper

This is a holiday short that grew the love many had for the supporting characters in the original movies. Honestly, I watched the follow up movies just for the penguins and was happy when they got their own movie. This delightful little short has all the typical quirks with the fan favorite "Kaboom?" from Rico. Bless Rico. Also, "now that's a squeaker!" is still referenced in my family household.

6: Shrek the Halls This short is my all time favorite Christmas short/episode. I freaking loved all of the Shrek movies (that's right, not just the first two. ALL of them. Come at me!) so it was without surprise the wholesome Christmas special would find its way into my heart. I also enjoy the holiday fireplace found in Donkey's Christmas Shrektacular as there is a little skit between the characters with some storylines every five minutes.

If you haven't watched one of these, I highly recommend giving it a look. There are a lot of Christmas specials out there, but these are the ones I recall the strongest as they had the biggest impact on me. Feel free to let me know if you'd like any more rec lists! It brings me joy to share the things I love.

Thanks for reading!

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