Upcoming Virtual Theatre Show!

Love Letters for Juliet is a one hour Virtual Theatre play that follows friends and family of Juliet, a young woman social distancing alone during the Covid-19 pandemic. Far away from people who care about her, electronic communication is the way she can keep in touch—only, she’s been offline for three days. Following multiple conversations, in multiple social distancing scenarios, all around the world, Juliet’s loved ones try to piece together when exactly she went offline, and if she’s safe. Exploring themes of connection, mental health, and helplessness, Love Letters for Juliet asks a modern question: can technology really replace genuine human connection?

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Love Letters for Juliet is an original play produced by Joie De Survivre and Red Lips Productions. The script is written specifically with the Zoom performance platform in mind, and utilises aspects of screen sharing, multiple screens, and everyday film tricks to bring a creative Virtual Theatre experience.

Joie de Survivre and Red Lips Productions have worked together before to produce a ten minute Virtual Theatre show, and host a round table on Virtual Theatre as a new art form. During this event, we discussed the advantages and struggles Virtual Theatre has. We hope to brainstorm with our artists to exemplify what makes Virtual Theatre a unique theatre experience—from the melding of theatre and film, to the roles audiences play in the show, and how to create a sense of community, immediacy, and excitement despite screens dividing audience members.

We look forward to seeing you at the show!

More details to come soon!

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