Virtual Theatre: Changing a Hiatus FROM Theatre, to a Change FOR Theatre

Updated: Mar 30

What We're Doing, an Invitation, and How YOU can Attend

What We're Doing

Social distancing. Gatherings of no more than fifty people. Cancellations of school, performances, and parties.

Covid-19 is affecting theatre—shutting them down, stopping revenue for creators, and creating a hiatus FROM theatre.

As a company whose mission statement is built on using technology to connect and equalise people, Red Lips Productions will use technology to do just that through Covid-19.

Red Lips Productions will put on a live theatre show. How?

We are experimenting with a new form of theatre called Virtual Theatre. It’s a method where actors from all over the world are capable of putting on a singular theatre show for a live theatre experience.

We will be doing a demonstration on April 1, 12PM CST.

Afterwards, we will be hosting a ROUND TABLE for theatre professionals to discuss how this period in time can help evolve theatre—now, and for the future.

Let’s change our perspective on this global pandemic by getting creative, and getting technologically savvy.

Let’s change Covid-19 social distancing and its affect on theatre.

Together, we can change a hiatus FROM theatre to an evolution FOR theatre.


Zoom Meeting Room


Show Time

Pre Show: April1st at 12:00 PM Central Standard Time (CST)

Performance Breakup Screenplay: Shortly After Post Show Round Table on keeping theatre running during Covid-19: Following 30 Minutes

Creative Team

Produced by Red Lips Productions (international company)

Written and Directed by Makrenna Rose Sterdan (based in Tainan, Taiwan)

ASL Interpretation by Jordyn Wynychuk


Joanne Roberts (based in Winnipeg, Canada) as Rose

Laura Prochilo (based in Zhuhai, China) as Melanie

How You Can Attend

STEP 1: Download zoom, a free application.

STEP 2: Create a free account.

STEP 3: On April 1st at 12:00PM (noon) Central Standard Time (CST), JOIN meeting room 786-342-0185.

STEP 4: Make sure your mic and camera are turned OFF until the round table, when you are invited to participate in a discussion.

We Look Forward To Seeing You There!


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